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Subject R&D OF KHNP
      Name   gptworld Date    2008-04-01 AM 8:49:24 Hit   6659



KHNP puts emphasis on R&D to acquire technological know-how and expertise commensurate to those of the G-4 nations with the long-term objective of becoming one of the top power houses in the world. With that in mind, medium-to-long-term technology development plans have been set up and are under implementation. Additionally, a more advanced R&D system has been put in place and means for maximizing the research resources available have been introduced. These efforts will make R&D more effective and efficient. KHNP invests around 5% of its annual revenue in R&D.



KHNP is executing a mid-to-long-term technology development plan (2006-2015) that reflects the development of the nuclear power technology roadmap and changes in both inside and outside the company. At present, it is concentrating on developing key technologies that will act as new engines for growth such as a new light water nuclear power technology. In addition, KHNP is participating in developing the nuclear plant of the future including Gen-IV as well as new and recyclable energy sources under the auspices of the government. In addition, KHNP is strongly committed to enhancing its in-houseengineering capability.


A state-of-the-art R&D system is in operation where a comprehensive performance management system oversees the outcomes of R&D from selection to application stages. It has enabled a systematic application of research outcomes. A technology sheet is prepared in alignment with the mid-to-long-term technology development plan.


KHNP is collaborating with other research entities such as the Korea Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI), the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and KAIST as part of a partnership scheme between the industry and academia to level up technical cooperation among nuclear research institutions. Such a close relation is expected to maximize the utilization of research resources for technology development in nuclear sector. In addition, international collaboration with the EPRI in the US will help secure top notch technologies in nuclear energy through joint research projects.


KHNP is maintaining the highest nuclear capacity factor by developing technologies for operating and maintaining plants in operation. It is also promoting safety and economic efficiency of the plants by raising power supply and developing technology to allow increased output and uninterrupted operation.
Furthermore, we have come up with a new nuclear plant with significantly improved safety and efficiency compared to the existing light water nuclear plants. These technologies are applied in Shin-Kori Units #3 and #4, allowing the creation of new economically value-added benefits.





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