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Subject Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
      Name   gptworld Date    2008-03-26 PM 1:22:17 Hit   6691

Most advanced hight-tech facility, Tritium Removal Facility has been constructed in our company's only Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor type, Wolsong nuclear power plant.
Tritium, by-product of Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor only because it uses Heavy Water as a coolant, gives a tiny effect on outer-body because the energy of released beta ray  is quite low when Helium breaks down. But if it goes in inner-body, it could have a radiation beating on internal organs, so it has been strictly controlled by many safety measures and multiple monitoring equipment to protect plant's workers, and to minimize an environmental release. But as the years of the operation passes by, we expects Tritium density level increases. To solve the problem, TRF building has been brought since February 2004.


Most Tritium comes from reactions[D(n,)T] between Neutron and Heavy Hydrogen contained in Heavy Water(DO), Half Life will be 12.35 years, and biological valid Half Life will be estimated 10 days of termination period when it was absorbed internal body. Tritium is required to be guarded because if it is penetrated into internal body by a tritiated heavy water or a water vapor condition, it beats on internal organs.


Wolsong TRF will locating between #3 and #4 reactor to have an operational efficiency and construction convenience. The facility is divided 3 main sectors to prevent mixing processed hydrogen air with clean air.
It is also designed to eliminate possibility of hydrogen diffusion when the system fails.

Capacity of the facility is 100kg per hour, so it covers all 4 reactors, and its efficient rate would be 97%. Main process of TRF is divided to 3 stages. 1st stage is Liquid Phase Catalytic Exchange process which separates Tritium from Heavy Water. 2nd stage will be Cryogenic Distillation process which is concentrating to pure Tritium from the separated Tritium gas by dividing Heavy Hydrogen and Tritium. 3rd stage is Tritium Gas Handling and Storage process that stores and preserve the enriched Tritium safely in long term base.  

TRF is considered as a effective method to decrease a radiation effect on Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor type nuclear power plant in overseas. World first TRF was built on Laue-Paul Lanevin Laboratory, Grenoble, France, and the first commercial processing facility for Tritium from nuclear power plant was located in Darlington nuclear power plant, Canada.


If Wolsong nuclear power plant TRF is operational by the end of 2005, Tritium concentrated rate in moderator procedure will be decreasing estimation of Maximum 75Ci/kg to 10Ci/kg, Its concentrated rate in coolant procedure will be decreasing estimation of 2Ci/kg to 1Ci/kg. So Tritium mixing with outside air will be minimize over 80%, power plant worker's radiation exposure rate also will be downsized 50% compare with present. Moreover, it will lower the high radioactive waste when Wolsong plants expands their lifetime or decommissioning, at the same time, this will economically recycle high priced Heavy Water and Tritium.


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