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Subject Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
      Name   gptworld Date    2008-03-26 PM 1:22:42 Hit   5777


APR 1400 an evoiutionary Advanced Light Water Reactor is based on the experience and technology of Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plant known as KSNP - a 1000MWe PWR.
The development for APR 1400 was launched as a national program in 1992, aiming for excellence both in safety and economics as well as in technology to meet the energy demand in the 21st century.


NSSS Thermal Power


Rated Electric Power

1,400MWe class


Design Life Time

60 years

Unplanned Trip



at least 90%

Refueling Interval

18~24 months



Core Damage Frequency

Containment Failure Frequency

Safe Shutdown Earthquake


Thernal Margin

at least 10%

Station Blackout Coping Time

8 hours


According to the 5th national long-term power supply plan, four units of APR 1400 are to be built by 2015 and the construction plan of two of them was established. The commercial operations for the first two units are scheduled to begin in June 2012 and June 2013, respectively.


The safety of APR 1400 is significantly improved. The examples of design features are :


- Larger component capacity
- More thermal margin
- Reinforced seismic basis

- More redundancy in safety injection and aux.
  feedwater systems
- POSRV for pressure control in the primary system
- Feed & Bleed operation for emergency cooling

- Hydrogen mitigation system with passive autocatalytic
- Cavity flooding system for core debris cooling
- Alternative AC against Station Block-out





The strategy of APR 1400 for severe accident mitigation aims at retaining molten core in-vessel first and ex-vessel cooling of corium second in case the reactor vessel fails, reinforcing the principle of defense-in-depth.



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