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      Name   dhp Date    2009-10-15 PM 2:22:44 Hit   4436

DHP ENGINEERING CO., LTD. was established in 1978.

DHP Engineering takes the leadership in such change of the new paradigm and it is establishing more diversified growth basis through the technical renovation and technical know-how accumulated to leap up as a valuable enterprise to give big satisfaction to our customers. Based on the craftsmanship funneling into the customer satisfaction and the quality control during last 30years since the company's establishment, the company is still striving to give customers more satisfaction and delights getting new standard and values through various kinds of product range.

The company has developed the product to satisfy all industrial fields requiring for such type of heat exchanges as plate coil, spiral type heat exchanger, disk type heat exchanger, etc. for diverse applications as well as plate type heat exchanger through its continuous R & D since the company's business inception in 1978 when the company developed the plate type heat exchanger for the first time in Korea. Now DHP Engineering is pleased to take the good opportunity of its stabilization and take-off based on its strong competitive power to get order along with the sound financial structure. We maximize our capability of organization by beefing up the technology and are committing ourselves to take full leadership to achieve the progress of the industry and economy of the Republic of Korea through the development of our product valuing customer's demand to be foremost.

The 21th century is unfolded for us with an infinite opportunity. DHP Engineering is determined to meet customers's requirements based on the high efficient design from the shipbuilding, industry and power generation to regional heating system through the development of in-house computer system, assuring you that it will be a world enterprise to lead the 21th century having the global competitiveness power in many other fields. 

[Sales Team & Project Manager]
Kwon In Cheol
Tel: 82 2 3789 4200
Address: #1101, Gwang Hak Building 360-1, Taepyeongro 2-ga,
Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

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