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SITRANS LU 01/02/10
SITRANS LU 01/02/10  
LR 200
LR 200  
MultiRanger 100/200
MultiRanger 100/200  
LR 300
LR 300


Probe LR
Probe LR  
Metal Flowmeter
Metal Flowmeter  
Sight Glass
Sight Glass  
Cone Type Flowmeter
Cone Type Flowmeter  
MPA Flowmeter
MPA Flowmeter



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¤ıAcquired INNO-BIZ Certification(SMBA)
¤ıRegistered again as a Venture Company by Ministry of small and medium companies.
¤ıLocalized displacement type level transmitter with HART communication first in Korea
¤ıLocalized magnetostrictive type Level Transmitter(SMS) with ultra
   high accuracy(¡¾0.01%F.S/¡¾0.5mm F.S)
¤ıContracted with China for the Technical Transfer of MPA Flow-Meter.
¤ıNominated as a corporation who can officially receive finance from Small Business
¤ıCorporation for setting up " IT business "
¤ıImplementation of SEOJIN¡¯s Group-Ware System.
¤ıLocalized Displacement Type Level Transmitter working with HART Communication
¤ıfor the first time in Korea(KHNP).
¤ıCertified KEPIC-MN, EN(Nuclear Power Machinery based on electrical power
¤ıindustrial technology, and electric level 1)(KEA)
¤ıImplementation of SEOJIN¡¯s B2B ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) System(NST)
¤ıCertified Clean Factory(Ministry of Labar).
¤ıNominated as Superior Technology Corporation(KOTEC).
¤ıCapital increase by 300 million won
¤ıRegistered as a member of HART Communication Foundation
¤ıPatented for Cavity Flow-Meter(KIPO).
¤ıPatented for Pitot Assembly for Flow Measurement(KIPO).
¤ıApplied for U.S. and Chinese patent on MPA Flow meter.
¤ıReceived Certificate for Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC) from Hartford Steam
¤ıBoiler International GmbH.
¤ıEstablished the 24th Domestic and 14th Oversea's Distributors.
¤ıFiled a patent for a Contact Continuous Level Detector. Received NT Mark for Excellence
¤ıin New Technology for Multi-Point Averaging Flowmeter.
¤ıExported eight GPU trailers to Honeywell, Germany.
¤ıDelivered 15 GPU's to Republic of Korea Air Force.
¤ıDesignated as a Venture Company by Ministry of Trade.
¤ıReceived certification of HSB/ISO 9001 (Year 2000 Version).
¤ıWas recognized as an Outstanding Supplier of the Year 2000 by Defense Procurement
¤ıAgency, Ministry of Defense, Republic of Korea.
¤ıReceived recognition as one of the Most Competitive Small and Medium Industrial
¤ıDelivered one GPU to Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI)
¤ıWas appointed as a Distributor of Instruments for Siemens Company with its acquisition of
¤ıMilltronics of Canada. Appointed as a sole distributor of Ground Power Units (GPU) for
¤ıHoneywell (Raunheim, Germany), and delivered 43 GPU's to Republic of Korea Air Force in
¤ı2000. Became a member of Korea Aerospace Industry Association.
¤ıA patent was issued for an Averaging Pitot Tube Flowmeter (March).
¤ıWas designated as a nuclear power equipment manufacturer qualified to implement Korea
¤ıElectric Power Industry Code (KEPIC) by Korea Electrical Association.
¤ıReceived a CE approval for Sounding Level Transmitter.
¤ıA servo-balance level transmitter developed by Seojin Instech was recognized as one of
¤ıthe outstanding new products of the year by the Institute of New Technology and Quality.
¤ıWas designated by KEPCO as one of the Most Promising Venture Companies among the
¤ıelectrical equipment manufacturers.
¤ıRegistered as an Engineering and Construction Company for Water Quality Management
¤ıat the Environmental Protection Agency.
¤ıReceived the Minister's Award for Excellence from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry
¤ıand Energy.
¤ıReceived a citation from the Minister of Science and Technology for making significant
¤ıcontribution for the advancement of new technologies.
¤ıThe Company was renamed as Seojin Instech Co., Ltd.
¤ıAcquired ISO-9001 certification.
¤ıStarted manufacturing of Flowmeters.

¤ıRegistered as an approved nuclear equipment vendor to KEPCO.
¤ıEstablished Seojin Instech Research Center.
¤ıConstructed a second factory building in Seosan.
¤ıCompleted a domestic sales network consisting of 21 distributors.
¤ıRegistered as an approved vendor to Korea Electric Power Co. (KEPCO).
¤ıSeojin was recognized as one of the most promising small and medium companies by the
¤ıMinistry of Trade and Industry.
¤ıBecame an OEM supplier of tank level gauges to WAKO of Japan.
¤ıWas appointed as the exclusive distributor in Korea for ultrasonic level sensing products of
¤ıMilltonics Ltd., Canada.
¤ıEstablished the Company's Head Office in its newly nstructed building located in Seongsu
¤ıDong, Seoul.
¤ıSeojin Level was officially approved as a company open to foreign investment, and Seojin
¤ıLevel Co., Ltd., was formed in partnership with Nohken, one of the largest level
¤ıinstrumentation companies in Japan.
¤ıSeojin Level Company was founded by Kil-Won Kang