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2003. 12   Established QingDao SEOHO Corp. in China .
2002. 7   Registered in Korean Stock Market
2002. 4   Patented Anti-sway System
2001. 8   Developed RTK GPS for harbor crane
2001. 4   Contract of the transferable technology for the multi-functional high capacity vector inverter with Pohang University of science and Technology
2000. 5   Developed AC Inverter Drive available Profibus communication
1999. 5   Developed AC Vector Inverter Drive for Crane
1997. 9   ISO9001 Certified by DNV
1996. 5   Made technical license agreement for Vector Inverter Drives (2.2KW - 800KW) with Vaasa Control Oy. in Finland .
1995. 6   Anti-sway system for harbor loading and unloading container
1994. 8   Developed Crane Management Monitoring System
1990. 6   Established Research Institute which is authorized by Ministry of Science and Technology
1989. 6   Awarded Most Bright Prospect Company from Korea Long-Term Credit Bank
1988. 9   Converted to Seoho Electric Co., Ltd
1988. 4   Authorized as a leading company for domestic development in the field of machinery parts and Materials by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
1981. 5   Founding of Seoho Electric