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Since established in 1993, SamYoung Fil-Tech Co., LTD has been made every effort to develop the oil cleaning system. In late 1990's we developed the oil flushing equipment for military needs and later we commercialized this system into industrial business. We believe that our system is one of the best oil cleaning system in the world and we are ready to supply this system in the international market  with best price.  




Oil Flushing Equipment
Oil Flushing Equipme..  
Oil flushing Equipment - SYVE
Oil flushing Equipme..  
SYVEF - Oil Flushing Equipment
SYVEF - Oil Flushing..  
Self-diagnosis oil recycling system
Self-diagnosis oil r..  
Oil recycling system
Oil recycling system..


Cleansing water filtration equipment
Cleansing water filt..  
Washing system of pipe for mold
Washing system of pi..  
Precision filtration system
Precision filtration..  
Hose flushing room
Hose flushing room  
Fixed quantity injection equipment
Fixed quantity injec..



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Name   :

CEO     : Kyung-Hoe Koo

Found  : July, 15, 1993

Assets : 1.2 mil(USD)

Adress : 2-1118, Lotte IT Castle, 550-1, Gasandong, Geumcheonku, Seoul, Korea

Phone : 82 - 2 - 837 - 5333

Fax     : 82 - 2 - 863 - 8898

E-mail :

H-page :

Main Product

- Oil Purifier

- Oil Flushing Equipment

- Hydraulic Tubing & Military Parts

- Standard Oil Lubricator

- Special Test Equipment





Mar. 1993

   Established SAMYUNG Tech. Co., Ltd. Incorporate Firm
  (557-14 Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu Seoul)

Sep. 1993

   Exhibited '93 Korea Synthetic Machines Equipments Exhibition
  (Oil Purifier, Filtration Filter etc.)

Sep. 1994

   Completed the development of Hydraulic Oil flushing Equipment for K-1 Trolley
  car and Concluded the contract to provide the first product

Nov. 1994

   Applied the Invention Patent about regenerating method and device of waste oil
  for industry (Patent Applied No. 3088)

Dec. 1995

   Delivered the Hydraulic Oil flushing Equipment for K-1 Trolley car to Ministry of
  National Defense (27 EA)

Jun. 1996

   Started to develop the hydraulic oil flushing Equipment for K-1 Self-propelled

Jul.  1996

   Concluded the contract to open the agencies in home and provide the technology
  with America 3M company

Apr. 1997

   Designated as the Industry Technology Development business company
  "Oil Purifier and Filtration Filter"

Nov. 1997

   Exhibited the Equipments to '97 Korea Synthetic Machine Exhibition
  (Oil Flushing Equipment, Oil Purifier, Oil Pollutant Measurer, Filtration Filter etc.)

Feb. 1998

  Registered the Patent about " Regenerating method and device of waste oil for
  industry" (Registered No. : Patent No. 138026)

May. 1998

    Moved the factory
  (Hannam-dong Yongsan-gu Seoul-> Howong-dong Uijungbu-si Gyeonggi-do)

Jun. 1998

  Completed to develop hydraulic oil flushing Equipment for K-1 Self-propelled

Feb. 1999

  Concluded the contract to do mass production of hydraulic oil Flushing Equipment
  for K-1 Self-propelled artillery (3 EA)

Mar. 1999

  Designated as the localization development company of accessories (28 Kinds
  including stitching materials) for K-1 Trolley car (Ministry of National Defense)

Apr. 1999

   Completed to develop the
  "Oil Purifier and Filtration Filter" and started to do mass production

Apr. 1999

  Moved the present factory (555-4 Kasan-Dong Kumchun-Ku Seoul)

Jun. 1999

  Changed the company name
  (SAMYOUNG Tech Co., Ltd.->

Dec. 1999

  Completed to the localization development of the accessory for K-1 trolley
  gearbox (23 Kinds)

Apr.  2000

  Designated as the venture company (Chief of Small and Medium Business   Administration of Seoul district)

Jul.  2000

  Completed to the localization development of the accessory for K-1 trolley car
  (4 Kinds)

Jul.  2000

  Designated as the Export Promising Small and Medium Business Company
  (Smal and Medium Business Administration)

Jun. 2002

;Selected as the next-generation Environment Technology Development Business
Company in 2002 (Ministry of Environment)
  -Joint Development with Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM)
  "Developed the high efficient waste hydraulic oil purifier using vacuum and
   static electricity"

Jul. 2002

   Selected as the Small and Medium Business Administration Educational and   Industrial Joint Technology Development Consortium Business Company in 2002
  - Joint Development with Quality Control Institute of Ministry of National Defense
  "Developed the Technology that Take the Dry Shot Into Piece Automatically"

Oct. 2002

Nominated as an Export Promising Small and Medium Company(Seoul Small and   Medium Business Administration No.2002-203)

Nov. 2002

  Nominated as a Venture Business(New Technology Development)-Seoul Small and   Medium Business Administration

Mar. 2003

  Completed the Development of Unit of Exchanging with Break Oil(Military Quality Office No.03-11)

Nov. 2003

  Submitted Equipment for Korea Machinery Exhibition in 2003 (Recycled Equipment   of Vacuum Oil, Pollution Level Meter, Moisture Meter)

Jun. 2004

  Certificate of Environment Facility Quality (Korean Agency for Technology and   Standards, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)

July 2004

  Selected as a Company of Industry-University-Institute Cooperative Technology   Development Consortium from Small and Medium Business Administration in 2004 –   Cooperative Development with Defense Quality Assurance Agency

Aug. 2004

  Appointed as a Technical Innovation Small and Medium Business(INNO-BIZ) from   Small and Medium Business Administration

Sep. 2004

  Selected as an Excellent Technology Business from a Korea Technology Credit   Guarantee

Oct. 2005

  Moved Factory to(Lotte IT Castle 2-1118, 550-1, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu,   Seoul)









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