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JUN. 2005 The cubicle type gas insulation switchgear has been registered in KOPEC
JUN. 2004 The 154kV power trasmission line construction has been registered in Korea Electric Power Corporation
JUN. 2004 The gas insulated pad mounted switch has been registered in Korea Electric Power Corporation
JUN. 2003 Development of The powerfactor conpensation transformer used a rapid transit railway
JUN. 2003 Recieved the bronze medal of the quality contest in KOREA
JUN. 2003 The advance into the business of the gas insulation switchgear
JUN. 2003 Acquired a licence of the electric construction
JUN. 2003 Development of The BUS switching system for substation
JUN. 2002 Acquired a licence of information & communication construction
JUN. 2002 Designated as promising Small and Mediun-sized Enterprise by Korea Development Bank
JUN. 2002 The advance into communication facilities installation works
JUN. 2002 Designated as ans Export-Oriented Small and Mediun-sized Enterprise(Gyeonggi Export Assistance Center)
JUN. 2002 The establishment of a subsidiary company "IT-POWER Co., Ltd."(ERP, E-Solution. Consulting)
JUN. 2001 Environmental Management systems BS EN ISO14001 : 1996 Acquistion(AJA)
JUN. 2001 Aquisiton of TANAM Electric Co., Ltd. as generator division.
JUN. 2001 Listed as Promsising Company by Industrial Bank of Korea.
JUN. 2001 The Koread Development Bank invested in our company as a stockholder.
JUN. 2001 Established the Technical Labolatory Institute(With permession of Korea Industrial Technology Association)
JUN. 2001 Korean Intellectual Property Office, Utility Model Patent for the Marine Use Steering Gear Device.
JUN. 2000 Moved Head Office and Plant on the SHIHWA Industrial Complex
JUN. 2000 Selected as Venture Company from the Small & Medium Business Administration.
JUN. 2000 Acquisiton of Invention Patent from Korea Intellectual Property Office, Fermentation Nightsoil Fertilization Treatment method and its Facility
JUN. 2000 Combining of Transformer and Generator business Companies
JUN. 2000 POWERMAX Co., Ltd. Establishment.
JUN. 1999 Selected as The Military Service Special Company of The Military Manpower Administration.
JUN. 1999 Selected as KEPCO power Transmission Distribution Facilities Transformer Repair competent supplier.
JUN. 1999 Best Group Standard Products EQ-mark Certification Acquisition(Transformer)
JUN. 1998 Quality Management System ISO 9001 Acquisition.(KSQA)(Generator)
JUN. 1998 Completed the '98 Industry Technology Development Task of The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
JUN. 1997 Indicated a company exempted Official Certified Test(KOEMA)
JUN. 1997 Selected by KEPCO to the Transformer Development Adoption Competent Company.
JUN. 1997 Korea Industry Standards KSC4306 Acquisition(Transformer)
JUN. 1997 Quality Management System ISO 9002 Acquisition.(SMICC)(Transformer)
JUN. 1996 Transformer Manufactruing Company "HANKI ELECTRIC CO., LTD."
JUN. 1991 Generator Manufacturing Company "TANAM ELECTRIC CO., LTD." Establishment.