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 With Great Honor

 President & CEO
 Kwang-Sik Cho

 P&C Technologies are preparing the future of power.
 We are emerging as one of the most promising and specialized companies
 In the field of electrical power industries, especially for Substation and Distribution
 Automation, Power Measurement, Communication, and SCADA system.

 We have made great efforts in enhancing the new technologies and
 in improving the qualitative standards.
 Furthermore, we are in unique position to high-tech involved power systems
 including Embedded Systems, Communications, and Software Engineering.

 Besides, we can build for you any integrated system that you need
 through our products and system solutions. Our engineering experiences and
 technologies will satisfy you, whatever you imagine and wherever you are situated.

 Finally, we are highly encouraged by having conspicuously competent human
 resources, and our employees are always open-minded to the new challenges
 in the aspects of both technology and human-being. On this background stand
 our goal and future so that we are very pleased to have the opportunity
 to introduce to you what we are and what we have.

 Now, we introduce our products and system solutions with which the partnerships
 will be strengthened, and we are much grateful for your interest.