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Introduction & History

Kanglim initiates the development of various kinds of machmes related to hydraulic technology for the better tomorrow. Since its foundation in 1979, Kanglim has produced cranes and special purpose vehicles for domestic and overseas markets using state-of-the-art hydraulic technology.

Especially Kanglim has continuously developed a complete quality products such as truck-mounted cranes, special-porpose vehicles for electic works, fire trucks, rescue trucks, garbage compactors ans major line of environmental vehicles ans equipments.

As well, by sharing Kanglim's experience and technology of 20-year Knowhow in Research and Development with companies in overseas, Kanglim has heen requested to become an international enterprise.

The achievement of Kanglim's dedication to the 'environment-friendly customer satisfaction ans state-of-the-art technology' made Kanglim receive Awards of Industrial Medal of Honor, The Royal Swedish Order of the Polar Star and Presidential Citation from hame and adroad.

The emphasis on new technology ans on the continued expansion to the fields of the equipments relating to environment, transportation, security ans construction will lead Kanglim to offer more contribution as well as to become a highly innovative global enterprise.

1979.  6 Kanglim Co., Ltd. Incorporated.
1982.  7 KANGLIM Machinery Co., Ltd. Incoporated & Manufacturing of Hydraulic Crane.
1985.10 Technical collaboration agreement made with Hiab-Foco at Sweden. 
1986.  8 KANGLIM R & D Center established.
1986.  9 Industrial Medal Of Honor awarded.
1986.10 KANGLIM Precision Co., Ltd. Incoporated.
1988.  1 Qualified as a Defense Industry.
1988.  4 Presidential Citation awarded for New Technology.
1988.  9 Chongwon Plant completed.
1989.  3 Technical License with AICHI of Japen.
1991.  4 Kanglim Crane of 3,000th in series shipped out.
1992.  6 The Royal Swedish Order of the 'The North Polar-Star' awarded.
1992.12 Presidential Citation awarded for model company on national flowers.
1993.  4 President Y S Kim visited to KANGLIM Co., Ltd.
1994.  2 16 units of Fire-Fighting Truck exported to Philippines.
1994.  5 142 units Refuse Compactor exported to Taiwan.
1994.  6 Kanglim Crane of 10,000th & Vehicle of 2,000th in series shipped out.
1994.  6 Beijing-Hualin Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. Incoporated in China.
1997.10 ISO 9001 certified.
1997.11 KANGLIM was acquired by Chungho Comnet Co., Ltd.
1997.12 3 Companies were intergrated by KANGLIM Co., Ltd.
1999.  4 Launch construction machinery business.