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To our business friends around the world.

It is a great pleasure for me to introduce the JIWOONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD.
to you this home page.

JIWOONG, as a sccepted manufacturer of ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS such
as, Grounding & Lightning Protection System, Line Hardwares for substation,
distribution line & transmission line, has been actively engaged in this field for
about 15 Years.

We, JIWOONG have continued to expand and modermize production facilities and
have improved technical and quality standards, now to such an extent that
remarkably volumenous contract for supply of bove mentioned products have been
succesfully completed or in progress both home and abroad.
In addition, We are in unique position to line-up design, manufacturing, supply and
testing for above mentioned products so as to give the entire satisfaction of every
Above all, we will try to keep our promise with you.

We, wish for your excellent health and your continued partronage.

Very truly yours,