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HANYANG ELECTIC IND. CO., LTD. has been manufacturing Transformers, Discharge Coils and Reactors since 1980. Our main products are Transformers with an annual productivity of more than 1,000MVA. We produce oil immersed and dry type transformers for outdoor and indoor installations with self or forced dooling systems. We manufacture single and three phase transformers with the capacities from 5KVA to 20MVA, and with the input voltage up to 100KV. Our products meet the latest American National Institure (ANSI), Korean Standards (KS), Japanese Electrotechnical Committee (JEC), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), etc, and pass our standard factory inspections and tests before delivery. We follow the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard to assure them with best quality.

We utilize the most advanced technology in the world, combining with the latest research and development of our engineering works to manufacture the most well-designed transformers with high quality, very low power losses, reliable duty, Therefore, you can expect longer life time, better efficiency, and lower in maintenance cost. We use the most advanced equipment in cutting the cores to increase the efficiency of these transformers. Furthermore, We can manufacture transformers which are free from self-explosion and fire, prevention harmonic wave, phase angle control, etc and other different types of transformers to meet the customer's specifications around the world. We have a well-trained repair team with quick response to any repair or replacement of any transformer anywhere in the world.

We can conclude that our products are safe, economic and high quality.