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Silicon Rectifier
Silicon Rectifier  
SF6 gas insulated Pole mount Load Break Switch
SF6 gas insulated Po..  



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Under the goal of becoming the world best technology enterprise in the field of Medium voltage switchgear and Distribution automation, Entec Electric & Electronic Co.,Ltd. was established and has been developed by investing on Research and Development. Continuously developed new technology products are acknowledged as in technology and quality in Korea as well as in the world.

 We supply Load break switch for pole mount, Auto Recloser, Pad mount switch, Pad mount switchgear, Out door circuit breaker for substation, DC switchgear, Rectifier, Q-class DC circuit breaker for nuclear power and so on.

 Especially, the most advanced technology, Magnetic Actuator Mechanism was developed and adopted in Auto Recloser, and Korea New Technology Award was achieved from Korean government. Compared with other large companies, outstanding technical and reliability points are acknowledged throughout the world.
 Now the supplying of Entec's products are stepping further from asia out to middle east, south america and africa.
 Entec's Magnetic Actuator mechanism contributes in developing of Electric Power equipment by supplying it to Power Distribution, Railway system and DC Power System.
 Also, introducing DC electric power equipment facility, 1800V DC Switchgear and low voltage DC Circuit Breaker for Nuclear Power Plant were developed and supplied by Entec. Entec's new technology were achieved under Korean government. Accordingly, DC electric power equipment technology has been more advanced and Entec has contributed to establish the best technology in DC electric power equipment. Further more, Digital DC Relay will be supplied as the best product throughout the world.
 Recently, due to Global Warming, limiting the use of greenhouse gas and Legislation of gas emission from United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC) are considered and environmental friendly products such as Oilless and Gasless products are requested.
 Solid(Polymer) Insulated Recloser, Solid insulated Pad mount switch, Solid insulated Pad mount switchgear will be the turning point as Environmental friendly products.
 We ensure that these products shall be enable to contribute more in the export to the world Technology is the most important asset and it is the best capability to develop new technology in the infinite competition world.
We, Entec Electric & Electronic run for advanced idea and lead of changes

 We, Entec Electric & Electronic is a leading company with advanced thought and facing up to World of change under Company Policy of "Progressive Activism and President Policy as "Customer Priority", "Quality Priority", and "Technology Priority".
We have been continuously investigating on un-developed technology area and lead to Digital era
as an electric power IT enterprise and have grown up as an environmental friendly and the most
advanced technology company. We believe that it is the great achievement by upbringing a man of ability and management of advanced technology in fluctuating market of Digital Era under "Intelligent Operation spirit.

 For the future, we will make full effort under "Progressive Activism spirit to satisfy the customer and lead for advanced technology in fluctuating market of Digital Era.
We would like to have your interest and encouragement to stand up as a leading company in Global market.

Thank you very much