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1. 2005   ¤ıDeveloped 25.8kV C-GIS (2000A, 600A, 25KA) (KEPCO)

8. 2004   ¤ıDeveloped 25.8kV, 600A, 4W4S, SF6 Gas Load Break Switches For Under Ground Cable (KEPCO)

1. 2003   ¤ıTechnical cooperation agreement for 36KV C-GIS concluded with Japan AE Power Systems Corporation(JAEPS)

1. 2003   ¤ıTechnical cooperation agreement for 25.8kV C-GIS (2000A, 600A, 25KA) concluded with Japan AE Power Systems Corporation (JAEPS)

12. 2000   ¤ıObtained ISO 14001 (EAGLE REGISTRATIONS INC.)

10. 2000   ¤ıChange Obtained ISO 9001 (QA INTERNATIONAL)

2. 2000   ¤ıCertificate of Technology & Excellent Enterprise (S & M.E.A)

9. 1999   ¤ıCertificate of Excellent Quality Product(Supply Administration Republic of Korea)

6. 1998   ¤ıObtained Hopefully Electric Power & Venturing Enterprise(KEPCO)

5. 1998   ¤ıObtained KT(Excellent Korean Technollgy)Mark

5. 1998   ¤ıObtained Hopefully Advanced & Technical Enterprise(S & M.E.A)

12. 1996   ¤ıObtained ISO 9001(KETI)

12. 1995   ¤ıObtained 25.8 Gas Loadbreak Switch K.S.(Korean Indutrial Standards)

6. 1995   ¤ıObtaind ISO 9002(KETI)

2. 1995   ¤ıDeveloped 25.8kV Gas Loadbreak Switch for overhead line(KEPCO)

11. 1994   ¤ıAwarded the grand prize at the quality control competitive contest in the electric Industry field.

10. 1993   ¤ıDeveloped the Noise Cut Out Transformer

10. 1992   ¤ıDeveloved the C.S.P. type transformer.(KEPCO)

12. 1990   ¤ıDeveloped the Surge Cut Out Transformer & Underground Commercial Transformer

10. 1988   ¤ıApproved as a qualified supplier by Far East Engineer District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

1. 1986   ¤ıFirm name was changed to Dong Bang Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd.

11. 1984   ¤ıAppointed as an eligible enterprise in Modernization plan of small and medium business.(Small and Medium industry promotion corporation)

8. 1984   ¤ıStarted to supply pole mounting transformers to KEPCO.(pole mounting, Pad Mounted & Power transformer)

1. 1984   ¤ıObtainde Transformer K.S.(Korea Industrial Standards)approval by the office of industrial advencement

2. 1978   ¤ıAwarded with a certificate of encouragement for export(K.E.M.C)

1. 1973   ¤ıEstablished Dong Bang Metal Industrial Co.