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Daeyun Electronics Co., Ltd. Was established

07.1979 Acquired manufacturing approval for fire fighting machinery/instrument

Obtain type approval for earth leakage detector(ELD, ELR)

09.1986 Selected as a prospective small and medium company
11.1991 Authorized to allow military service exemption for employees
05.1992 Acquired approval for relay manufacturer
03.1993 Won KS for electrical measuring instrument
04.1994 Supplied parts to Mitsubishi Co., Ltd. of Japan
10.1994 Completed Kimpo factory
04.1995 I Obtained ISO 9002 approval
03.1996 Established research laboratory attached
06.1996 Won fire equipment inspection award(Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation)
06.1997 Obtained ISO 9001 approval

Appointed as prospective exporting small and medium company


Acquired new product type approval for earth leakage detector(ELD, ELR)

09.1998 Obtained certificate of standard qualification for nuclear electric power technology
01.1999 Appointed as a superior company of technology competitiveness

Acquired GL mark approval for marine relay (GL Classification Association-Germany)

03.2000 Changed the company name into DEESYS Co., Ltd
05.2000 Obtained CE mark approval for digital type relay (TUV-Germany)
06.2000 Assigned as prospective electric power Venture Company
11.2000 Won the Prime Minister's award for exporting in the field of electric industry and heavy electric machinery
01.2001 Newly organized the department of factory automation system
05.2001 Completed transformer factory
12.2001 Listed on KOSDAQ